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Christina Aguilera Sounds-Off on the Pressures of Motherhood

Christina Aguilera Sounds-Off on the Pressures of Motherhood
Women's Health
Christina Aguilera opens up on the role of women in today’s society in the March issue of Women’s Health, which also features her on the cover.

During the interview, Christina discussed the pressures that women face daily. “Mothers are constantly expected to be the nurturers, the givers, the providers of a comfortable home. We’re expected to be pregnant, have the kids, breast-feed once we have the babies. And we’re expected to look amazing after baby, right?"
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Aguilera, who is engaged to Matthew Rutler, continued, "Keep our husbands and boyfriends interested — because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom. There’s such a long list. Having children is the ultimate joy, and I love my kids, but women have to find time to nurture themselves. If someone has a baby, the first thing I’m like is, ‘Okay, are you taking care of you?’”

Despite the hardships, Xtina had some sound advice on how women can still enjoy their lives. She said, “I would say to any woman, don’t be too hard on yourself! If you’re not feeling confident on a certain day, you have to let that go, and own, ‘Yeah, I’m not feeling confident today’ and you move on and try to enjoy the best you can. I’m not into deprivation; I’m not into suffering into getting a great body or the body that you want. I’m into enjoying life, being conscious and aware, but also breathing into yourself and owning what you got.”
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Christina, who has been engaged for two years, says the couple has no set date. “We discuss it when we’re snuggling in bed… but it’s a casual conversation."

The 35-year-old is currently prepping for the 10th-season premiere of “The Voice.” On the show, she gushed, “My favorite part about being a judge is probably seeing just such excitement and happiness in the contestants that come on. The artists that are still growing and learning and you being given the opportunity to sort of help them become more individualized in their own artistry. It’s really amazing to watch that process and be a part of it.”

For more on Christina, pick up the March issue of Women's Health, out on newsstands February 9.