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Jessica Simpson on Expanding Her Family

Jessica Simpson on Expanding Her Family

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson as she was honored at the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Gala for her contributions to the fashion industry.

Simpson, who attended the event with hubby Eric Johnson, showed off her fit figure in a body hugging Monique Lhuiller lace number. The star, business woman and mom to Maxwell and Ace, shot down rumors her next venture will be a sitcom about her life, “No sitcoms, no, I'm not that funny… I mean, maybe I'm funny, but I think I'm more dramatic,” she added, “The little ones are dramatic” too.

Simpson juggles two little ones under the age of four, and she’s not opposed to having more, “I mean, maybe in my 40s, but I'm only 35 so I got lots to do in between.”

Could becoming a lottery winner be one of those things in between? Simpson admitted she has fallen victim to the Powerball frenzy, “I jumped into the Powerball the other night, I didn't win!” She went on, “I'm normally pretty lucky at the lottery, but I don't know, I always ask like do rich people even win the lottery?”

She also opened up about being honored, “You know I just don't ever really understand being honored because I'm just trying to get to the next place all the time. So, here I am just trying to get somewhere else.” Her advice for other aspiring fashion designers, “I think it's really just be yourself and don't be afraid of anything. You can do anything. I mean I have had so many fashion mistakes and I've had so many great ones but I also know how to dress people and I know like I have an eye for it, you know? It's just what your passion is, just don't ever not believe in it.”