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Lamar Odom Moved to New Facility, Aunt Hails 'Remarkable Strides'

Lamar Odom Moved to New Facility, Aunt Hails 'Remarkable Strides'
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Us Weekly exclusively reports that Lamar Odom was secretly moved to a private facility near his home in Calabasas, California, on Wednesday. The new location is where Odom will continue his rehabilitation following his catastrophic health crisis in October.

Odom's aunt, JaNean Mercer, tells Us, "Lamar continues to make remarkable strides and we are asking that you continue to respect our privacy. Again we thank all of you greatly, your support has been paramount in helping to uplift us during these past few difficult months."

Just yesterday, Extra reported Khloé Kardashian's own words on Odom's condition: "He’s doing good. Every day is better and better. Thank goodness. And he’s fighting… the therapist said he has such a drive and such a will to want to get better… I think it’s great to hear how strong he is and how much he wants to get better and just heal himself… I just want for him to have his happy."