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How Justin Timberlake Shocked Taylor Swift on Her ‘1989' Tour

How Justin Timberlake Shocked Taylor Swift on Her ‘1989' Tour
In Taylor Swift’s 1989 concert special, she opens up on how she recruited the biggest stars to perform with her on tour.

One of the biggest stars to perform was Justin Timberlake, who surprised her by closing out her last Los Angeles show. She shared, "Of course I invited him out, but I did not expect him to say yes."

Swift also admitted that getting her friends to agree to perform was not as difficult as she had expected. "Getting people to say yes to come out onstage was a lot easier than I thought. It really showed me how many artists out there love what they do so much that they are willing to get up and play because it's fun."

She added, "I feel like this tour and this album and this phase of my life have been about inclusivity. Doing it on my own, but doing it with friends. It's incredible how many performers are so gracious with their time. It made a lot of people happy."

For the special, Taylor partnered with Apple Music, which is also the same streaming platform that she criticized on Tumblr earlier this year. She explained, "I think I'd be leaving a huge part out if I didn't mention the blog post that I wrote. I think that is probably the starting point because I didn't have a personal relationship with Apple until that point. I'm sure there are better ways to introduce yourself than to say, 'This is what I'm upset about, please think about our industry.' It got more attention than I thought it would because I'd been echoing those sentiments for years."

After reading the letter, Apple changed its policy on how much artists would be paid for their music. Swift gushed that Apple "had shown such humility in what they did... so that's how we get to (here)."

Taylor’s special"1989 World Tour” is now available on Apple Music.