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Details on Kristin Cavallari’s Missing Brother and His Troubled Past

Details on Kristin Cavallari’s Missing Brother and His Troubled Past
Grand County Utah
Kristin Cavallari’s brother Michael was reportedly dealing with multiple personal problems before his disappearance in late November.

An insider revealed to People, "Her brother was always a troubled kid and there was always drama with him."

Radar online reports that Michael was arrested recently for making criminal threats after a dispute with a female, who claimed that he threatened her with a gun outside her Orange County home.

Chief Information Officer Kirk Wilkerson told Radar, “The victim/informant was in her home when she heard tapping that sounded like a piece of metal hitting her door. She looked through the peep hole and cracked the door open but did not see anyone. She then looked out the window to the walkway between her apartment and the parking lot and saw Michael with a shotgun pressed to his shoulder and the barrel raised parallel to the ground, aiming down the path.”

The authorities met up with Michael after the incident. Wilkerson said, “While speaking with Michael, deputies could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. Michael admitted to having a loaded shotgun in his trunk.”

The police took away Michael’s gun, but it apparently didn’t stop him from showing up at the woman’s house. Wilkerson shared, “For several weeks after the incident, Michael kept knocking on her door, but she refused to answer.”

Michael was also arrested in August after a confrontation with a woman at the same home. “Michael told deputies he wanted to report his female friend punched him in the face.”

The 30-year-old disappeared just four days after he was arrested in California. Since his disappearance,  the Cavallari family has come together for emotional support. A source told People, "They are all — apart from Kristin's dad [Dennis], who is in California — holed up in Chicago giving each other emotional support. They don't have any idea what has happened to him, and Kristin is totally freaked out and hoping for the best.”