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Reality Star Scott Marshall, 41, Found Dead in Hotel Room

Scott Marshall, winner of Spike TV’s “Ink Master” Season 4, was found dead in a hotel room near Chicago on Sunday. He was 41.

His wife Johanna told TMZ that he was working at his tattoo parlor on Saturday and called to say he wasn’t feeling well. He decided to get a hotel room near work rather than make the drive home.

When he didn’t answer her calls the next day, she became concerned. Johanna said two officers came to her door on Sunday and told her that Scott had died in his sleep. She added that the preliminary autopsy results showed it may have been an issue with his heart.

Authorities told TMZ that Marshall’s death is under investigation.

Marshall won “Ink Master’s” $100,000 prize in 2014 and was featured in Inked Magazine. He is survived by Johanna and three children.