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So Confident! Lea Michele Calls Her Butt a 'Showstopper'

So Confident! Lea Michele Calls Her Butt a 'Showstopper'
Boe Marion
"Scream Queens" actress Lea Michele shows some skin while lounging on the cover of Marie Claire's November issue!

In the issue, Michele opens up about her body, the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith, and fame.

Though Lea recently showed off her toned abs on the November cover of Women's Health, she reveals that her favorite body part is below the belt. "I love my butt. It is a showstopper."
[Credit: Eric Ray Davidson/Women's Health]
Aside from her backside, Michele has learned how to deal with the perils of fame and how to love herself in the process. "Everybody thinks you're a star with roses being dropped at your feet. You have to take some f--king punches.  Now I have my groove… I am much more aware. I also don't care as much. I am very content with me."

The 29-year-old has been able to move forward with her life after the death of Monteith in July 2013. She shares, "Getting to the other side takes a lot of work.  All you can do is get to the other side. It's a struggle. When you do, there is happiness there. It's important to me to keep private some of that process with how I got here. But I am here, I am good, and I am very grateful for that."
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[Credit: Boe Marion/Marie Claire]
A year after Corey's death, Lea found love when she met Matthew Paetz on the music video for her song "On My Way." Of her model beau, she gushes, "Matthew is a good cook. Food, for me, was always about love and connecting."

Check out a behind-the-scenes look of Lea at the cover shoot for Marie Claire, during which she talked about her first CD ever purchased and her first celeb crush.

To read the rest of Lea's interview, pick up the November copy of Marie Claire, out on newsstands October 20.