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Brody Jenner Talks Deejaying and Caitlyn as He Helps Open SKY Waikiki

Only "Extra’s" Renee Bargh was one-on-one with Brody Jenner as the reality star turned celebrity DJ hit the turntables for the opening of Honolulu’s newest hot spot, SKY Waikiki.

Brody takes his craft very seriously. "It’s my passion. Music has always been my passion, deejaying is a new instrument and I’ve been working my butt off to learn it the right way, which is actually mixing music and not just pressing play.”

Touting Calvin Harris for nabbing the #1 spot on the Forbes World's Highest-Paid DJs list, raking in $66 million, Brody added, “Calvin, you beast. Calvin is one of my idols, forever, all of these guys: Calvin, Diplo, Skrillex… They’re all very talented."

Brody also had praise for his parent Caitlyn Jenner and her journey. “I’m beyond proud of Caitlyn, to go about it the way that she did it.”

Caitlyn is dealing with dating in the latest episode of her reality series “I Am Cait,” and Brody is on board with her meeting a new love interest. “If you really care about somebody... you want them to be happy.”

Brody has both appeared on "I Am Cait" and considers himself a fan. "It’s great. Would I watch it every day? No, because I live it every day, but I enjoy it, I think the message is overall good."

He tells "Extra" he enjoyed doing his own E! show, "Sex with Brody," calling it "an incredible experience… I put my all into that show, and I put my show out there, I was very proud of the show and we will see what happens moving forward.”

One show he will not be doing is “Dancing with the Stars," even though he says he has been asked a few times. "Absolutely not… Honestly, I’m not a good dancer."