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Mike Tyson Previews 'Savage' Appearance in Secret Madonna Video

Mike Tyson Previews 'Savage' Appearance in Secret Madonna Video
Speaking to Michael Ausiello of TVLine at Comic-Con, boxing icon Mike Tyson — currently promoting his series "Mike Tyson Mysteries" — surprised his interviewer by noting that he recently shot a secret video for Madonna.

Mike and Madonna during the recording of "Rebel Heart" [Cred: Instagram @ Madonna]

Tyson, who seems to realize as he's speaking that he may be giving something away too early, describes the video as being something for which he may get some slack:

"It’s just intense ... I’m in a cage. I’m a hostage. I’m chained. I’m naked. I look like a savage. When I [shot] it, it didn’t seem that intense. But then you watch it and go, 'Whoa.' It was like [something out of] 'Natonal Geographic' … I need to be tamed, man."

The video, set to Madonna's "Rebel Heart" tune "Iconic," is very likely for use on her upcoming "Rebel Heart Tour," which kicks off in Montreal, Canada, on September 9. Tyson is featured on the track.