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New Details! Brawl Breaks Out on Set of 'Storage Wars'

New Details! Brawl Breaks Out on Set of 'Storage Wars'

An argument turned violent on the set of “Storage Wars” last week, and it was all caught on video!

Watch the video here, but be warned… there's a lot of profanity.

According to TMZ, the cast was shooting in Palm Spring, FL. Trouble began when Dan Dotson missed a bid placed by Mary. When Dave Hester told Dan, Dotson became angry, screaming “F**k you, David! I’m going to kill you!”

Dave allegedly responded by punching Dan in the face, and Dotson punched him back!

Dotson’s wife Laura even got in on the action, reportedly jumping on Hester’s back and being tossed through the air.

Hester landed in the hospital where he had to get a tetanus shot because Laura scratched him.

“Storage Wars” ended up shutting down the shoot for the day.