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Josh Duggar Shares First Words Since Molestation Scandal

Josh Duggar has been keeping a low profile since news broke of his molestation scandal, but on Father’s Day he posted a video message for his dad, Jim Bob Duggar, paying tribute to the “19 Kids and Counting” patriarch.

"I can remember as a little boy, riding in the tow truck with you and spending all those hours together," the 27-year-old son said. "Then later on we built a house together, and we spent three and a half years learning about construction and all the joys and sorrows of all that."
Josh stood next to his pregnant wife, Anna Duggar, as he recalled some special moments he shared with his father, and thanked Jim Bob for also being a great grandfather to his three kids.
"I can also just think of all the moments where you've been there for us through the hard times and through the good times, and I know that your investment in each one of our lives is priceless, and we're so grateful for you," he said.
Josh's video was uploaded to the Duggar Family Blog on June 21, along with videos from his siblings; Jackson, James, Johannah, Jason, Jed, Jessa, and Jill.