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What the ‘Queen of Versailles’ Star Did at Her Daughter’s Funeral May Disgust You

There is new outrage today over this disturbing photo of “Queen of Versailles” star Jackie Siegel snapping a cell phone pic of her 18-year-old daughter Victoria’s coffin.

queen-of-versailles-coffin[Credit: Getty]

The New York Post launched a scathing headline to go along with the photo, “#MyDeadKid.”

queen-of-versailles-1[Credit: Getty]

Jackie was also spotted smiling as she greeted mourners, and posing for pictures at the Florida memorial service.

queen-of-versailles-2 [Credit: Getty]

After the uproar, Siegel's lawyer Michael Marder released a statement explaining that "people deal with grief differently" and that Mrs. Siegel has been on an emotional roller coaster ride since her daughter's death.

Earlier, Marder told the Post that the family believes Victoria overdosed.

QueenofVersailles[Credit: Getty]

“Victoria was in rehab and was prescribed medication, but we do not know what was in her system at the time of her death or what the actual cause of death was.”

victoria-siegel[Photo: Victoria Siegel / Credit: Facebook] 

Victoria was found dead at the family’s mansion on Saturday.

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