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Bobbi Kristina: New Book Claims Whitney’s Daughter Was a Drug Addict by 14

Bobbi Kristina: New Book Claims Whitney’s Daughter Was a Drug Addict by 14
In Ian Halperin’s new unauthorized biography, “Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame,” the author portrays Bobbi Kristina as a “wild child” who was “addicted to drugs,” and was “suicidal” by the age of 14.
Bobbi was first committed to a psychiatric hospital for observation before her 15th birthday… after trying to stab her mother before slashing at her own wrists, reports New York Daily News.
“Extra” sat down with Halperin in New York, where the author revealed why he wanted to write the biography about the superstar singer and her daughter.

“I have been following Whitney’s career for years, and I actually knew her father, John Houston,” said Halperin. “I think Whitney Houston’s story never really came out properly, there are a lot of hidden secrets about Whitney.”
Bobbi Kristina had to live in the shadow of two famous parents, who were both talented, but had a lot of demons, Halperin said. When it came to drugs, there were violent incidents between Bobbi Kristina and Whitney. “Bobbi tried to stab Whitney once,” Halperin said. “There were other incidents as well, death threats toward her mother.”
The author claims this was due to her becoming addicted to drugs at a young age. “She didn’t want to kill her mother,” Halperin stated. “These were desperate pleas for help.”

Halperin claims in the book that while Whitney Houston was on tour, a “17-year-old Bobbi was left to her own devices in Atlanta, where she had taken up with a hard-partying crowd, including the boy who had moved into her house three years earlier, Nick Gordon.”
The author believes that what happened to Bobbi Kristina is a “combination of drug abuse, drug dependency and bad behavior by people around her.”
“There are people out there right now who are behind this, and they have to be held accountable,” Halperin said.
He wouldn’t divulge who specifically, because of the ongoing police investigation, but said, “There were some many falsities that were spread with Nick Gordon, and Bobbi Kristina’s relationship, I debunk all of that in the book, but I’m telling you this is a serious case, and a tragedy.”
“Bobbi Kristina could be alive today if there weren’t undesirables around her… those people are responsible for what happened to her.”

Halperin, whose previous works include, “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson” and “Who Killed Kurt Cobain?,” reportedly spent months talking with Houston family members, friends, and over 200 other sources for “Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame.”

The book is available today, June 9.

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