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Why Taylor Swift Assumes the Role of Booking Agent When She’s on Tour

Why Taylor Swift Assumes the Role of Booking Agent When She’s on Tour
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Taylor Swift is hitting the road!

Swift, who will kick off her 1989 World Tour next week in Tokyo, sat down with “Extra’s” special correspondent Alecia Davis today to dish on what fans can expect.

“My hope is that the fans don’t feel similar watching this tour in any way then they felt watching the last tour, the same way I came at the album from a different perspective and wanted to make it different than anything I’d done before, it’s the same way I approached the tour… Thinking outside the box is more difficult than doing the same thing over and over again but I think it has results.”

Taylor admitted she feels the need to top herself, “I need my tour to be better than my last tour, I need my album to be better than my last album.”

Swift enlisted the help of Vance Joy, Shawn Mendes, James Bay and even HAIM to open some of her shows, “They’re so incredible and its such good vibes, when they walk into a room it changes the entire dynamic, they’re just like loud in the best way and so energetic and that energy is going to be great to have on the road.”

The superstar singer also worked on getting some of her other famous friends to take the stage as surprise guests, calling herself a booking agent, “I’ve started picking up the phone, I started sending out the emails, and the interesting thing is when you’re asking people to come and play for free, that’s something you have to ask them yourself, you can’t have your management go do it… So I end up assuming the role of booking agent essentially when I’m on tour and just being like so, can we check her schedule, the routing, and she may be able to make it to in between that date and that date… ‘Hey its Taylor, will you please come out, it’s going to be a stadium show, it’s going to be incredible, the crowd will love it.’”

Swift said it’s fun to have friends that show up for you and then you show up for them.

One of Swift’s good friends, Sam Smith, is making headlines for his dramatic weight loss, but Taylor says he has “always been a babe,” “He’s getting fitter, he looks great, but I always thought that Sam looked great, I don’t really care how much he is working out or whatever, I think it’s those eyes.”

The 25-year-old who has already had a very successful ten-year career, shared her secret to staying grounded, “I just focus really hard on constantly reminding myself of what is important, what is actually difficult, my jobs not that difficult, I think we get really swept up in thinking that because we have a lot of pressure on us our job is hard or that in some way it’s not the greatest thing that can ever happen to you getting to do this job because it is.”

For a list of Taylor's tour dates, visit TaylorSwift.com