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Shocking New Claims About Bobbi Kristina's Alleged Drug Use

Shocking New Claims About Bobbi Kristina's Alleged Drug Use

New information has surfaced about Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon’s alleged drug use.

The Sun spoke with her supposed friend and former roommate Steve Stepho last week, who claimed that his “sweet and loving” friend Krissi had spiraled after her mother’s death, eventually spending thousands on Roxycodone, Xanax, heroin and marijuana.

Now, a source tells RadarOnline.com that Stepho was actually their drug dealer.

The insider said, “He was their heroin dealer. That’s why he stayed with them for a couple weeks. I know he does heroin. I’ve seen him do it!”

The source added, “He wants to make it seem like he looks like a good guy when he’s not a good guy at all. He’s a bad guy. He was supplying them. That’s why they hung around him. As long as they did IT, he was going to give it to them.”

Stepho does have a rap sheet. Radar says he was arrested twice for heroin possession, most recently two months ago. Two years ago, he served time for heroin possession and intent to sell.

It seems Stepho may have exaggerated claims that he lived with Bobbi and Nick. “When Whitney died, Krissi and Nick moved from the townhouse to an apartment. That’s where Stepho stayed with them for two weeks,” the source said. “He had nowhere to live so he stayed with them and they kicked him out.”

The insider also claims that Max Lomas, the man who found Bobbi Kristina unconscious in the bathtub, is friends with Stepho.

While Lomas has prior drug arrests, none involve heroin.

So far, Stepho has not responded to claims made by Radar’s source.