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What’s on Her Ear? See Demi Lovato’s Daring New Look and More!

Demi Lovato looks gorgeous and wild in her Allure magazine photo shoot!

What’s on Her Ear? See Demi Lovato’s Daring New Look and More!

The singer shows off her natural freckles, wearing little makeup and no foundation. She also sports an awesome undercut, and a killer ear cuff by Alexis Bittar.
She talked to Allure about her past health issues. “I acknowledge the past,” she told the mag. "Yes, it happened, but I've told this story a million and one times. It's time for a new chapter in my life."
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Here are a few other magazine queens for the week!

wallis[photo: ELLE]
“Annie” star Quvenzhané Wallis talks to ELLE magazine about her burgeoning career, and how she still wants to be a kid. "I feel like I'm five sometimes, because I still enjoy myself. I enjoy what I do. I don't want to grow up, but I know it's not going to last much longer."
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“Community” star Gillian Jacobs shows off cool Jordans sports wear, and gives Marie Claire a great tip on how to talk to guys. “Girls talk to each other about fashion, but I don't have conversations with dudes about what I'm wearing unless it's Jordans. You meet a guy, you can tell he's into sneakers, and it's like, OK, no more awkward small talk.”
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