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'Mixology' Star Sarah Dumont’s Hot Maxim Pics!

'Mixology' star Sarah Dumont is inside the May issue of Maxim magazine, wearing next to nothing and talking about girl crushes.

Dumont revealed to the mag, "I have a lot of girl crushes. I appreciate women. I think they're sexy. Whoever that was who played Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' -- she is definitely number one."

As for staying in such great shape, Sarah said, "I have a little boxing gym in my house, a speed bag, a heavy bag, some light cardio equipment, weights, a jump rope -- all that jazz. It keeps me calm and centered, and yoga is so boring, I fall asleep. Everyone is into this yoga thing, and it's awful."


Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Sarah's photo shoot!

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