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Video! Jonah Hill Spoofs 'Titanic' and 'Superbad' on 'SNL'

Jonah Hill returned to his comedic roots on Saturday with another hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.” He had a little help from his friends this time, namely “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio and “Superbad” pal Michael Cera.

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Hill started his monologue like a big shot, bragging about his second Oscar nomination, but Leo brought him back down to earth. To calm Jonah’s nerves, DiCaprio offered to use a technique they supposedly used on the “Wolf” set. Check out their “Titanic” moment…

Jonah also remakes “Her,” only this time it’s called “Me.” Hill’s dating an OS system on his computer and mobile that is just like him. They decide to have sex through a surrogate, who just happens to be Michael Cera. The scene looks a little something like “Superbad.” Watch!

Hill also shows off his acting chops in a skit called “Boss Dinner.” He plays an insecure employee trying to have dinner at his boss’ house.