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John Legend Responds to Wife Chrissy Teigen Pregnancy Rumors

“Extra” caught up with singer John Legend as he rehearsed for his performance for the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Legend responded to recent pregnancy rumors sparked by a suspicious looking photo of wife Chrissy Teigen. “Chrissy had a bad angle, looked like she had a bump, but it’s not a bump.” John did add, however, “We’re practicing every day.”

The singer said he is more nervous about his Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album than his performance. “I’m still nervous, a little bit about winning the award… It would be really nice if I won.” As for the performance, “I am really excited about it. I haven’t performed at the Grammys in a few years.”

Check out John and many more when the 2014 Grammy Awards air live on Sunday on CBS!