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See Mario Lopez’s Baby Boy Dominic for the First Time!

“Extra” was with host Mario Lopez and wife Courtney as they introduced their son Dominic to the world at a special baby shower at Katsuya in Glendale.

The proud parents showed off their 2-month-old baby boy, brother to 3-year-old Gia, to their family and friends. Mario beamed, “So this is Dominic Lopez! My son’s sip-and-see, which is essentially a baby shower, post birth, because you just sort of sip cocktails and you see the baby!”

Courtney said that Gia already has a handle on the big sister thing. “She always wants to help me with his pacifier and feed him. She’s a very good big sister and a very good helper.”

The new mom added that Dominic is also helping her out by sleeping through the night. “He's been sleeping from 9:30 PM to 5:30 AM.”

While the baby shower cake had a boxing theme, Mario said the first thing he will teach Nico is to be a gentleman. “I just want him to be a champ in life!”

Will there be a baby number three? Mario smiled, “Oh, we're working on it! We're definitely going to go for the tiebreaker. We'll reassess after that.”

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