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Broke, Sex Tapes and Katie Holmes: Tori Spelling Dishes on All Her Salacious Headlines!

Reality TV star and author Tori Spelling visited “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood to talk about new tell-all "Spelling It Like It Is" and all the recent juicy headlines.

On dieting after her fourth baby: “I in no way shape or form starved myself. I did it the right way. I didn’t stop eating but I cut out carbs. I wasn't eating ice cream every night. I went down to 1,500 calories a day, which is totally safe and recommended.”
On being too broke for Spelling’s hubby Dean McDermott to have a vasectomy: “I put a story in there to show people that celebrities aren't perfect. We still can make bad choices. I made some bad real estate choices. We had some bad years, certain lines were pulled [from the book] that said I was broke, which isn't true.”
On selling a sex tape: “I say we have this makeshift fun at home that couples do sometimes. Nothing we would ever share with anyone. A friend took it off our home computer and was trying to sell it, but that got cleared up and was a long time ago. I would never… I'm a mom of four. That's not me, I would never do that.”
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