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All the Details! Mario Lopez and Wife Courtney’s Baby Boy

"Extra" host Mario Lopez and wife Courtney welcomed baby Dominic Lopez into the world on Monday night, and Mario shared all the details.

The day got off to a busy start for Mario, and he had no idea how it would end! After the launch of “Extra’s” 20th season at Universal Studios Hollywood and doing his radio show "On With Mario," he headed downtown for his hosting duties on “X Factor,” where he received news that Courtney went into labor.  

Mario finished the show as quickly as he could, dropped the mic and headed to the hospital for the arrival of baby Lopez No. 2.

Twenty minutes after Mario got to the hospital and put on his scrubs, his baby was ready to meet the world. Standing right by Courtney’s side, Lopez documented the special moments.

In a video diary, Mario said, “It's going to be a baby! A beautiful, healthy one that looks just like mom.”

When he found out the gender of the baby, Mario screamed, “I DID IT!!! IT'S A BOY!!! I DID IT!!!!! IT'S A BOY… YOU DID IT HONEY! WAY TO DO IT!!!”

Dominic weighed in at 7.2 ozs., and Mario says he has curly black hair and a dimple just like his! Dominic is named after Courtney’s late grandfather, and will go by the nickname Nico.

Nico nearly shared a birthday with big sister Gia, who turns three on Wednesday.

Check out the video!