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Stars Harpoon ‘Sharknado’ Movie via Twitter

A shark-filled tornado – aka “Sharknado” – took the Twitterverse by storm Thursday night, leaving a critical bloodbath in its wake.

Couch critics and stars alike had a field day with the B-movie starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, labeling the Syfy flick as "so bad, it's good."
Check out some of Hollywood’s choice tweets:
Ian Ziering: “#Sharknado Hell hath no fury like a pissed Great White Shark that gets sucked out of the ocean and dropped in #90210”
Josh Gad: "If (Steven) Spielberg could go back in time and stop Jaws from happening to prevent 2013's #SharkNado, I believe he would."
B.J. Novak: “I'm afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone's going to treat it like a joke.”
Judah Friedlander: “Thanks for watching #Sharknado with me. I'm going to work on my screenplay for Vaginaconda.”
Jackson Rathbone: “Hoping for a movie called #Cowquake Where earthquakes unleash the inner rage of the cows.”
Michael Chiklis: “Clearly SyFy is employing the old, “so bad, it’s good,” method with tremendous effect. #TrendingForHours #SharkNado.”
Patton Oswalt: “No way is SHARKNADO as entertaining as the Tweets about it. Congrats, @SyfyTV. You’ve created a new way to watch movies.”
Damon Lindelof: “I am going to write the Sharknado sequel and I am going to do it before Shaknado is over.”
Elizabeth Banks: “@DamonLindelof did Tessa already take revenge on the guy who harpooned mom or am I dating his son in #sharknado2 #backstory.”
Olivia Wilde: “@ElizabethBanks Banks, this is our chance to play Siamese twins: two heads, one magnificent shark tail. Emmys all around. #SharknadoTwo.”
Kirk Fox: "Just pitched my script "hurricanine" to the producers of #Sharknado about a hurricane filled with pugs. It's a very cute but deadly movie."