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New Photos Reveal Inside of Michael Jackson’s Drug-Filled Bedroom

Michael Jackson’s bedroom was riddled with pills, Propofol and medical supplies the day he died of a lethal drug overdose in 2009, photos taken by the Los Angeles Police Department show.

Also featured in the series of pics are IV fluids, oxygen tanks, an unmade bed and a dresser with pictures of babies on it. See the images here.
The photos were originally used in Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial in 2011. He was convicted of manslaughter after the King of Pop’s death and is now serving a four-year sentence.

[Photo: Dr. Murray / Credit: Getty Images]
Jackson’s family sued the promotion company AEG Live, for failing to vet Murray and keep Michael safe. The trial is ongoing.
AEG says they had no idea the “Beat It” singer was being administered the hospital-grade anesthetic.
For more details about the trial, visit CNN.com.