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Jodi Arias: Nancy Grace Sits Down with Murderer’s Fellow Inmates

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias is awaiting her second penalty trial to determine whether she will receive the death penalty or life in prison for killing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. In the meantime, HLN host Nancy Grace is going “Behind Bars” for a new two-part special, to find out what life is really like for Arias inside Estrella Women’s Jail.

Watch the clip for a sneak peek at Nancy’s sit-down interview with Jodi’s fellow inmates!

Nancy told “Extra,” “You would almost forget that they were all convicted or accused of felonies. I had to remind myself a couple of times… this ain’t no tea party.”
Grace added that she does have sympathy for the women, “They had all given up custody… complete parental rights of their children. That was very upsetting for me as a mother.”

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When it comes to Arias, Nancy thinks she will do just fine once she is transferred to a women’s prison, saying, “Jodi will do well behind bars with the other women, because she can charm them, she can convince them of her lies and they will probably fall for it.”
Grace, who has been closely following the case, is still shocked that the first jury deadlocked on the death penalty. “Jodi Arias slaughtered Travis Alexander like he was a pig in a slaughterhouse. It was gruesome.”