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Former ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Auctioned Off for Charity

A few past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants put their hearts on the line again this weekend… all for a good cause. Dates with past players like Lindsay Yenter, Lesley Murphy and Roberto Martinez were auctioned off in support of Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.

The fundraiser, chaired by Lisa Ling and husband and oncologist Dr. Paul Song, raised nearly $60,000 to help patients who are battling colon cancer.

Prizes, which were cashed in on Saturday, included a paintball excursion with Michelle Money, Courtney Robertson and Lindsay Yenter for $3,800, lunch at Luca with Daniella McBride Lesley Murphy Selma Alameri and Diana Willardson for $4,000 and a double date at a Dodgers game with Ryan Bowers and Nick Peterson for $800. A few actors were also up for auction, like David Krumholz (“Numbers”) and Shawn Christian (“Days of Our Lives”).

An online bidding war over a San Diego outdoor adventure with Kiptyn Locke and Roberto Martinez ended on Monday for a whopping $1,750.

The principal goal of Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation is to permanently eliminate the threat of colon cancer through discovery of a cure. The organization funds cutting-edge research so that the brightest minds and best institutions are empowered to cure colon cancer for good. Until then, the foundation is committed to significantly improving the treatment experience for patients and caregivers, and to dramatically raising awareness about colon cancer in general. For more information visit Chris4Life.org.