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Nancy Grace on Jodi Arias Case: Mistrial Request Was 'Desperate'

The Jodi Arias murder trial is back on track and streaming live after the defense was denied a mistrial this week over alleged misconduct by the prosecutor and a juror. HLN host Nancy Grace gave “Extra” her breakdown of the drama, calling the defense motion a “desperate” ploy.

“There absolutely should not be a mistrial in the Jodi Arias murder one case. There has never been a high profile murder trial where juror misconduct was not alleged… so this is just the beginning of a series of what I predict is a desperate attempt by the defense to throw a wrench in the works.

Grace also slammed Arias for her numerous lies, saying, “Everything she says is a lie… [she's told] well over 100 lies, easily over 100.”

Why is Nancy so convinced that Jodi should be convicted? First off, the telling crime scene photos. “She inadvertently took photos during the murder of Travis Alexander with a digital camera, which included a perfect shot of her foot.”

Then there is the medical report. “Nine of the stab wounds were to his back… it can’t be self defense if you are stabbing someone to death in the back.”

Her fingerprints may also be a giveaway. “When her prints are ground into Travis Alexander’s blood that places her at the scene, at the time of his murder.”
Lastly, Nancy notes that Arias’ story doesn’t match up with the forensics.