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Obama: Americans Have Rightly Been Frustrated at Pace of Change

President Barack Obama is Time magazine’s Person of the Year! According to Editor Rick Stengel, the publication chose Obama because, “We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America.”

The President opened up to the magazine about the election, his legacy and more.

He said, “I think it was easy to think that maybe 2008 was the anomaly, and I think 2012 was an indication that, no, this is not an anomaly.”

Obama added, “We’ve gone through a very difficult time. The American people have rightly been frustrated at the pace of change, and the economy is still struggling, and this President we elected is imperfect, and yet, despite all that, this is who we want to be. That’s a good thing."

Despite the struggles, he has high hopes for the future and wants future generations to look back at his team as the ones who “steered this ship of state so that we once again had an economy that worked for everybody; that we had laid the foundation for broad-based prosperity; and that internationally we had created the framework for continued American leadership in the world throughout the 21st century."

The Time’s Person of the Year issue hits newsstands on Dec. 21.