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Report: Brooke Mueller Rushed to Hospital

Actress Brooke Mueller, ex wife of Charlie Sheen, was rushed to the hospital Friday morning in Los Angeles after a suspected OD, according to TMZ.

Brooke was reportedly transported from her home in Tarzana to a nearby hospital at 11:42 AM.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ she had been abusing drugs for several weeks, and that her friends and family were becoming "deeply concerned."

The "Strictly Sexual" star has struggled with drug addiction for years, with over 15 stints in rehab. She shares custody of 3-year-old twin sons with Sheen.

Brooke was seen out Thursday night at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills.


Update: Brooke Mueller’s rep, Steve Honig, offered the following explanation to TMZ: "An assistant thought Brooke was non-responsive while she was napping and hastily called an ambulance. As a precaution, Brooke was brought to a local hospital and discharged after an hour. She was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration and is now fine and resting at home. That's it."

A source close to Mueller also told "Extra" that there were no illegal drugs or alcohol in Brooke's blood and that the LAPD were there to make sure she didn't violate her probation. The source said Brooke was simply exhausted from making a deadline for new pieces of her jewelry line. "She is fine, just an exhausted artist. [Jewelry partner] Pascal Mouawad and Brooke couldn't be a better match, and she couldn't imagine this jewelry line failing."

It's confirmed there were no illegal drugs of any sorts in Brooke's blood or alcohol the lapd were there to make sure that she didn't violate her probation she's exhausted she had a deadline to make these pieces for her new jewelry line that we have all be anticipating unfortunately a new employee saw her sleeping while making jewelry and called 911. The paramedics even though she was okay legally though she was okay had to take her to the hospital. She is fine she is just a exhausted artist. Pasquale (find the photo of her and pasquale at lunch to use) and brooke couldn't be a better match, she couldn't imagine this jewelry line failing.