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'Frankenstorm' Headed to New York and New Jersey

A "Frankenstorm" is on its way! Dire warnings are putting the entire East Coast on high alert for what "Good Morning America’s” Sam Champion is already calling an “atmospheric bomb.”

Fifteen million people are in the target zone along, with multi-million-dollar Hamptons mansions and the Jersey Shore! Hurricane Sandy and two other moving systems could merge to create what some fear will be the “perfect storm."
The L.A. Times says Eastern residents can expect “fierce winds, pounding rains and the potential for widespread damage, flooding and power outages.” If the weather system continues on track, New York and New Jersey will likely see “five inches of rain and 40 mph winds” within the next few days. Nearby states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia could see snow.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants residents to be prepared. “A good message to everybody is you should always have a ‘go’ plan,” he said at a news conference. “Particularly if you live near the water in a low area, you may have to be evacuated. I wouldn’t plan on it today. Listen to the radio and if necessary follow the instructions.”
Watch “Hurricanes 101” by National Geographic below to learn more about these destructive storms.