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Dave Matthews Talks Politics, Family and Reality TV

Musician Dave Matthews sat down with “Extra’s” Adrianna Costa for an exclusive chat about release of the Dave Matthews Band’s new album, “Away from the World,” along with his thoughts on politics, family and reality TV.

“Away for the World” is the band’s sixth straight No. 1 album and has garnered praise from fans and critics alike. Matthews often draws from his own life experience and said the tone of the album is more about “social awareness.” He explained, “I don’t know if it’s political. It’s just my own reflections and my own concerns for my kids.”

As a social and political activist, Matthews weighed in on the 2012 presidential election. “I’ll vote for Obama. I’ll stand up for Obama. I disagree with him on a lot, but we all should disagree with each other in some ways. I think the alternative is terrible and I don’t believe in trickle down economics at all.”
Matthews gushed about his marriage to Jennifer Ashley and being a parent to 11-year-old twins, Grace and Stella, and a son named August, 5. “I got great kids and I married an amazing, brilliant woman. My son is superb at air guitar. He’s already better at the whole rock star thing that I will ever be.”
On possibly becoming a judge on a reality singing competition show, Matthews said he wouldn’t do it. “I can’t judge other people. I can have an opinion, but I’m not gonna tell anybody and I’m not gonna tell it in front of people.”

As for "American Idol" winner Philip Phillips, who many say emulates Matthews, the singer laughed, “I met him he’s a nice kid, so that was good. He’s tall, bet he’s even taller than me.”  
The Dave Matthews Band just announced a month-long Winter Tour in support of “Away from the World.” For the complete list of show times, please visit the band’s official website!