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J.Lo's Sexy 'Idol' Dance with Casper Smart

“American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez sparkled as she performed her new song “Dance Again” on the “Idol” stage last night, along with her 25-year-old beau, dancer/choreographer Casper Smart.
Check it out!

Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again" live on American... by HumanSlinky

After the performance, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh was backstage with Lopez, who said she and Casper have fun dancing together. “Of course we do. I always try to have fun. Try to feel it a little bit and make everybody else dance a little bit.”
Smart concurred with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at The Grove. “We work together well. If we didn't have a natural working relationship we just wouldn't do it.

As for the crazy hot moves from the “Dance Again” video, Casper said they toned it down their performance on TV. “A little bit. We had to bring it back just a little adjustment. We made minor adjustments.”
“Idol” contestant Hollie Cavanagh was sent home Thursday, and Jennifer admitted it was “emotional.” She added, “I hate to see Holly go. But I really am happy with the top three as well.”

Tune in next week for the “American Idol” semi-finals!