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Rihanna's X-Rated Night with Strippers

Superstar Rihanna took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell her fans about her favorite "stress reliever”… hanging out with strippers.

The 24-year-old "We Found Love" singer jumped on the stage at a strip club where she danced and flashed bills at female exotic dancers -- documenting the entire night on Twitter with Instagram pictures.
"My daddy would be proud," Rihanna tweeted as the caption for a pic of her on top of a stripper with a wad of dollar bills in her hand.
See the R-rated photo here.
The singer then tweeted a picture of her grinding against a stripper with a beverage in her mouth, with the caption, "#Rolemodel****."
Her wild evening concluded the next morning when she tweeted Wednesday, "Woke up repenting! Feeling like a sinner."