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Mark Wahlberg on Family and 'Contraband'

Actor Mark Wahlberg sat down with "Extra" to talk about his new action thriller "Contraband" - and about how he went from rapper and underwear model to family man with wife Rhea Durham.


"My daughter's starting to hear rumblings of what I did in the past... she doesn't like it," laughed Wahlberg, adding, "I got to do my thing for a long time and then I was fortunate enough to meet the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with and we have four beautiful children."

Starring with Kate Beckinsale and Giovanni Ribisi in "Contraband," Wahlberg plays a former drug smuggler who is dragged back into the business when his family is threatened.

Mark explained he likes to kick butt, but also have a good time with the cast. "Everybody's very serious, but in between takes we're having a lot of fun. We're going out, we're getting dinner."

Check out all the "Contraband" action when it thunders into theaters January 13.