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Kim Kardashian Flies to Minnesota to Meet Kris Humphries

After recently returning to L.A. from her trip to Australia, Kim Kardashian jumped on another plane to meet her estranged ex, Kris Humphries, reports TMZ.


Flying to Kris' hometown of Minnesota, sources say the 31-year-old is conflicted over the divorce and booked a last minute flight because she wanted to talk to her husband in person... and without any cameras following her.

The newlyweds will reportedly meet with the pastor who officiated their wedding and dish out feelings about their marriage and soon-to-be divorce.

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Kim arrived to the St. Paul International Airport around 5:30 AM local time after flying on a commercial plane with her bodyguard.

Insiders revealed this meeting is not exactly a reconciliation, but "the door is definitely not shut." Kim wants to make sure she has closure with Kris, and wants to talk things through before moving forward with her split.


Photos are courtesy of TMZ. Click here for the story.

UPDATE: Kim was photographed on her cell phone outside of Kris' home earlier today. Humphries was no where to be seen.