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Michael Jackson Trial Day 4: The Cook, The Bodyguard and The Doctor

In the ongoing involuntary manslaughter trial against Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, testimony was heard Thursday from Jackson's cook, his bodyguard, and an executive for the maker of a medical device used by Murray to monitor the singer.

The $275 fingertip device, which monitors the pulse and blood oxygen levels, was recovered after Jackson's death, and according to Nonin Medical executive Bob Johnson, it lacked the capability to continually monitor a patient because it had no audible alarm.

A pair of Jackson staffers were also called to the stand to describe the chaotic scene at the mansion when the superstar was found unresponsive.

Personal chef Kai Chase said she was preparing a spinach Cobb salad for Jackson when a panicked Murray came down a spiral staircase shouting for her to get security and the singer's son, Prince.

"His energy was very nervous and frantic," said Chase, who added she ran to get Jackson's son in a nearby room. "I said, 'Hurry, Dr. Murray needs you. Something may be wrong with your father."

Chase said later she and the children huddled together and prayed. "The children were crying and screaming," she said. "We started hugging. We came together, held hands and we began to pray."

Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez said he ran to the scene after he got a call from Jackson's assistant. He was shocked to see the singer motionless.

Alvarez also testified that Murray told him to put vials of medicine he scooped from Jackson's nightstand into a bag. Alvarez complied and also placed an IV bag into another bag, thinking they would be taken to the hospital. The bag never made it there.

When questioned by the defense as to why it took Alvarez two months to report Murray's demands, the bodyguard said he didn't realize its significance until seeing a news report in late June in which he recognized one of the bags detectives were carrying out of Jackson's mansion.

If convicted, Murray, 58, faces up to four years in prison and revocation of his medical license.