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Rebecca Gayheart Spreads Her Wings for Chrysalis Foundation

Actress Rebecca Gayheart is a Chrysalis activist and Butterfly Ball founder and celebrates the charity's 10th anniversary this week. The Chrysalis Foundation, a Los Angeles-based non-profit, is dedicated to helping homeless and low-income individuals become self-sufficient.

In a recent interview with "Extra," the star says she "was really searching for a charity where I could get involved in a hands-on way." The actress has raised over $7 million and has rallied many Hollywood A-listers to get involved and donate through the Butterfly Ball, which honors a local citizen each year.

Rebecca admits her husband Eric Dane is a giant supporter. "He gets a lot of people in the industry to come out and spend a lot of money at our Butterfly Ball," Rebecca gushed.

Gayheart's foundation is changing one life at a time, but is always in need of donations -- in particular -- computers. To find out how you can donate your old computer to Chrysalis, or for more information, please visit changelives.com changelives.com.