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Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom's Mother/Daughter Debate at The Grove

High-powered celebrity attorney duo, Gloria Allred and daughter Lisa Bloom, were welcomed at The Grove for a briefing that quickly turned into Allred vs. Bloom!

The pair shared their thoughts on Anthony Weiner's sexting and whether it constitutes cheating. Gloria said she believes Weiner's case "goes beyond texting" and is more about the lies, adding, "It matters if you're misleading the public through the press. It's not just the sex, it's the cover up."

Lisa fired back, "It's nobody's business to ask a question, 'Did you send a racy text?' to an adult. If someone asked me that question, I'd probably lie too. Should I not run for office?"

Allred interrupted, "I taught you always tell the truth!"

In addition to her work as an attorney, Bloom is a TV legal analyst and has a new book out called "Think," which calls on women to reclaim their minds from a 24/7 tabloid culture. "If you know more about reality shows than about reality, your life is out of balance," Lisa explained.

Watch to find out other tips Bloom gives on how to stay smart in a dumbed-down world!