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Kirstie Alley: 'I'm Addicted' to Dancing

"Extra" caught up with reality TV star Kirstie Alley at the opening of her Organic Liaison shop in L.A., where the actress talked about how excited she is about doing "Dancing with the Stars."

"I am! I'm addicted," laughed Alley. "And I'm finally addicted to something good. We gotta dance! We've gotta have a dance party!"

She revealed to Mario Lopez that her first dance on the show will be a Cha-Cha, cracking, "I've got the hips!"

As for her weight program, Organic Liaison, Alley said she's found her own tiger's blood.

"It is the first USDA certified organic weight-loss product. The dancing is helping me lose weight, and this is helping me dance. In the beginning, I'd do 10 minutes of dancing and fall on the floor."

Catch Alley on the premiere of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" on March 21. For more information on Organic Liaison, visit the official website.