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Bradley Cooper on De Niro: 'I Cherished the Two Weeks He Was On Set'

In Bradley Cooper's new superhuman film, "Limitless," his character, Eddie Morra, is transformed from unemployed writer to golden boy after taking the environmental drug NZT. Co-starring is superstar Robert De Niro, of whom Cooper said, "It was everything I could've possibly dreamed. I cherished the two weeks I had him on set."

Photo Gallery of "Limitless" Premiere

Cooper admitted he would probably do the same thing his character did if NZT were real. "Learn as many languages and dialects as I could. I have a bunch of instruments in my house that I don't know how to play, so I'd probably learn those."

On the other hand, a more realistic De Niro cautioned, "What goes up must come down... you pay a price for all that stuff."

When asked if they would consider doing a sequel, De Niro declared, "It's limitless."

The film is scheduled for release on March 18.