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Bret Michaels Discharged from Hospital

Poison frontman Bret Michaels' neurosurgeon gave a press conference Tuesday and said the rocker has been allowed to leave the hospital and should make a complete recovery from his brain hemorrhage.

bret michaels

Dr. Joseph Zabramski of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix gave a detailed explanation of what happened to Michaels' brain when he was admitted April 22, but said that it was one of those "rare instances" in which doctors were happy they couldn't find an actual cause of the brain bleed.

The medical team did immediate tests to find the cause, fearing it would be an aneurysm, usually the main culprit in such an ailment, but they found no indication of it. If they did find an aneurysm, it would mean Michaels would most likely have a recurrence.

"Bret is a very lucky person," Zabramski said, saying most patients die or are severely disabled from such a hemorrhage. He praised the singer for being in very good shape -- despite having Type 1 diabetes -- and for his determination to get well.

The doctor confirmed Michaels has been released from the hospital but would not divulge where the rocker was staying. He did say that Michaels is being monitored daily and could resume normal activity in 7-10 more days.

Zabramski said he told Michaels to "make no promises" and to take things easy for at least four to six more weeks.