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Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy Talk Love


The "Desperate Housewives" cast was spreading the love at the Standup for Kids charity event last week, and "Extra" put them to the ultimate Valentine's Day quiz.

Felicity Huffman and actor husband William H. Macy didn't agree when asked who buys more flowers or who makes the big plans for Valentine's Day.

Huffman said that women buy more flowers and men make all the plans for the romantic holiday.

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Co-stars James Denton and Doug Savant definitely agreed that men tend to do everything on Valentine's Day.

"Men are more likely to pre-plan because they see it as their responsibility," said Denton.

Savant add, "I always buy the better Valentine's gift because I buy the only gift. It's really the guy's obligation to get a Valentine's present. Women somehow get off the hook."

The cast was able to agree on at least one thing -- they were all at the Standup for Kids charity event to help the homeless and street kids in L.A.