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Lindsay's Dad to Release Tapes Until She 'Goes to Rehab'

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan tapes rehab

Sorry, Lindsay Lohan. Looks like your feud with dad Michael won't be over so fast.

Michael has been releasing recordings of his 22-year-old daughter's hysterical phone calls to urge her to get help for what he claims is a pill addiction.

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Lindsay posted on Twitter last week that she hasn't "called him that many times ... so it will end sooner rather than later."

But on Sunday, Michael told the New York Post, "I have more recordings, which will further back up what I have said so far. I will release them. I will not stop until Lindsay goes to rehab."

Michael is also denying claims that he demanded a six-figure fee to release his daughter's tapes, in which she is overheard saying that no one cares about her.

"This isn't about money or getting paid -- it's about saving my daughter," he says.