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Celebrity Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner -- and from Balloon Boy to Kate Gosselin, "Extra" has the most popular celebrity costumes, and tips on how to look the part of your favorite celeb.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop will live on this Halloween, with many costume companies selling out of Michael Jackson wigs, masks and famous outfits.

Kate Gosselin

Another popular costume is tabloid-magnet Kate Gosselin — wigs styled in Kate’s signature ’do are selling out on the Internet.

Jon Gosselin

To dress like America’s favorite Octodad, sport a pair of Cubic Zirconia studs and your favorite Ed Hardy shirt.

Lady GaGa

This style chameleon is a perfect costume for Halloween — grab a blonde wig, crazy shades and pick one of GaGa’s wildest outfits to imitate!

Balloon Boy

The Balloon Boy hoax took the world by storm — and Mirco Flight is offering a complete Balloon Boy costume. For the DYI method, wear a box tied to a silver tarp.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Dressing as the King and Queen of Hollywood is relatively easy — for Brad, grow out your facial hair and sport aviator shades. For Angie, grab a long brown wig and a sleek outfit. Baby dolls to represent their brood of six would be a great finishing touch.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

A bobbed wig, dressy clothes and big smiles are all you need to dress up like TomKat. Carry a Suri doll and bring along a group of “paparazzi” and you’ve got a stand-out costume.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West

The VMAs incident between Taylor Swift and Kanye West was one of the biggest celebrity conflicts of the year — and shades, a silver dress, and a moon man can make this look complete.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

No fangs are necessary to dress up as Edward, just heavy white powder and gold contacts. Bella requires a brown wig, and standing by Edward’s side all night.

Paris Hilton

Dress the part of Hollywood’s favorite socialite with a long, blonde wig, big shades, and a teensy dress. Faux “paparazzi” will add wonders to this costume as well.

Katy Perry

Katy’s retro-inspired costumes make dressing up like the poppy singer a breeze — take your pick of her wild onstage ensembles!


To dress like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, a couple must rock platinum ‘dos and engage in heavy PDA. Carrying around a “Hills” DVD or Heidi’s Playboy will help complete the look.

Amy Winehouse

The “Rehab” singer’s signature look includes a tall beehive and lots of tattoos. Carrying a guitar will only add to the look.

Dave Letterman

A suit, glasses and grey hair spray will help transform you into Dave Letterman for Halloween — to liven up the costume, you could wear a sign referencing his recent admission of sex with his co-workers.


Slap on a black wig and grab the OctoBabies sling kit from the Internet, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Octomom costume.

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