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Long Island Ladies Smitten with Pitt!

Local moms in Oyster Bay on the North Shore of Long Island have stopped leaving the house in sweats and no makeup -- because there's a chance they could run into Brad Pitt!

brad pitt woos long island ladies

"They are off the charts excited and everyone is dolled up," one local tells People of the Long Island ladies. "The moms are trying to look a little bit more polished. Instead of schlepping in sweat pants and messy hair, now they wear designer jeans and high heels, which they never wear. Usually it's Tod's or Gucci loafers. Everyone is putting a little more effort. Let's face it -- he's a handsome guy."

Pitt has been spotted running errands with his six children while partner Angelina Jolie continues work on her new film, "Salt." According to the mag, Brad's dad duties include school pickups, and reading books to the kids in Shiloh's class.

"At school, they think they are going to bump into him," says the local. "Brad sits in the back of the classroom a lot. He is very unassuming and very sweet and nice."

Local women love the fact that Pitt, Jolie and the kids are often spotted at the Stop & Shop and Dunkin' Donuts. "Who would think they would see them grocery shopping, and not sending out the help?" reveals the source. "They are trying to teach their kids what's normal... and they are always in the pizza parlor and Borders Books."

In the small town of Oyster Bay, Hollywood's first couple has caused quite the stir. "They are A-list movie stars, and for such a small town, it's a big deal," says the source. "Every time a big car passes, people look. It's a big buzz. Everyone who sees them is over the moon. It just makes everyone light up."