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Ashley Greene's 'Twilight' Frenzy!


Actress Ashley Greene plays Alice in the hit flick "Twilight" -- and the little vamp shocked fans by celebrating the film's DVD release with a surprise appearance in Hollywood!

Hundreds of fans were bitten as they crowded the Hot Topic store at Hollywood & Highland, where Ashley greeted fans and autographed DVDs. Greene wasn't the only blood-sucking star to greet fans -- her fellow vampires popped up around the country to do the same! "Everyone's everywhere," Ashley told MTV News before surprising the fans. "I was wondering how the crowd turnouts were going to be, because I was thinking, 'There's a ton of us, and I don't know if there's that many fans. But I've heard that there are a ton of fans here, and they're really excited.

She added, "The studio] threw us all over the country, and nobody knows where we are. It's a big secret, and I'm excited!"

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart -- who play lovers Edward and Bella -- have grown accustomed to hordes of screaming fans, but Greene admits she's still not used to the attention. "It makes me really nervous; you don't get used to it," the actress confessed. "At least I don't yet; check with me in five years. It's amazing. I've said time and time again that just to be part of something like this, you don't dream it. Obviously, you want to make films and movies -- but this is kind of a phenomenon."

Do you want a chance to win the film that put fans into a vampire frenzy? "Extra" is giving away copies of "Twilight" -- enter to win here!

Greene and her fellow cast members are currently shooting the film's sequel, "New Moon," in Canada.