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Barker Still Suffering from Plane Crash


Nearly five months after Travis Barker suffered serious burns in a fatal LearJet crash, the rocker admits to "Extra" that he left the hospital before he was ready.

"I kind of rushed out of the hospital and my hand was numb, but I didn't tell anybody," Barker explained. "I just wanted to get out. The numbness didn't go away. It was like in four or five of my fingers. I really wanted to fix it as soon as possible. I had bad nerve damage, so I just got surgery. I have eight to ten weeks to recover."

Barker reunited with his former band Blink 182 and presented at the Grammy Awards last night -- and revealed that the popular pop rock band is together again!

Bandmate Tom Delonge opened up to "Extra" about the reunion, saying, "When you're in a band, you have this unspoken bond. You're kind of family with your boys. We took a break for a little bit. I think when Travis had the event happen to him it was something that pulled us back together... we always knew it was inevitable."