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Madge & A-Rod: Big Drama in the Big Apple!


The tantalizing details continue to leak out as the pop queen and the Yankee slugger continue to deny reports of a budding romance. Now, NY papers are labeling Madonna a maneater -- while Cynthia's court team claims that while the relationship between Madge and A-Rod wasn't physical, it was an affair of the heart.

According to Us Weekly, Alex called the Material Girl his soulmate on several occasions -- and even snuck into her apartment via a secret door! "She has two entrances, but he's been using the back entrance that goes directly to her bedroom," says a NY neighbor.

Although their relationship may not have taken a sexual turn, Cynthia's counsel is still aggressively hammering the baseball stud's other alleged extramarital affairs -- including his reported fling with stripper Joslyn Morse.

Cynthia, angry over her husband's reported shortcomings, reportedly went on a $100K retail revenge shopping spree while in Paris, reports the NY Daily News.

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