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Dr. Drew Apologizes to Tom


Dr. Drew Pinsky is very sorry! The doc issued an apology to Tom Cruise after the therapist questioned the actor's mental health, says People magazine. "Dr. Drew meant no harm to Mr. Cruise and apologizes if his comments were hurtful," Pinsky's rep said in a statement.

The host of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," commented in Playboy magazine that Tom's Scientology beliefs could be a result of childhood "neglect," which sparked Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields, to lash out at the therapist. Fields responded to Pinsky's comments by calling him a "posturing flake" who "pretends to diagnose people he's never met."

Pinsky responded by saying, "Although Mr. Fields's intent is clearly to slander and discredit Dr. Drew, under no circumstances is Dr. Drew making a blanket diagnosis about Scientology nor Mr. Cruise whom he does not know."