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Pregnant Man: Ready for Baby!

Thomas Beatie -- the world's first pregnant man -- is breaking his silence, telling Oprah Winfrey about his extraordinary life.

Beatie, 34, is a transgender man once known as Tracy Lagondino. He lived most of his young life as a woman, and told Oprah, "I had a couple of boyfriends." He also revealed details on his painful past, admitting that his mother committed suicide when he was 12. And that wasn't his only secret. "When I woke up in the morning, I felt like a man," he explained, "and it was difficult for society to respect me the way I felt on the inside if my outside didn't match it."

Tracy became Thomas, undergoing a double mastectomy and massive doses of male hormones, he eventually became a man (legally) and married his current wife, Nancy. As Thomas explained, "I actually opted not to do anything to my reproductive organs." That decision allowed Thomas to get pregnant using artificial insemination, and Oprah had to ask -- does he have a normal sex life? "I can have intercourse with my wife," he clarified.

Now Thomas and Nancy are expecting a girl, and just like most expectant mothers fathers, he's thrilled to feel the baby kick. "I can't believe it," he gushed. "I can't believe she's inside me." At first, Nancy's two daughters from a previous marriage didn't believe it, either -- they were "jealous" of another baby! Of course, like their parents, they can't wait.

Thomas and Nancy let Oprah and People magazine into their private world, showing off their nursery and joking about their unusual life. "I bet a lot of women would love to have their husbands pregnant," Nancy laughed.

People's Patrick Rogers says the couple is definitely taking a risk going public. "They're definitely opening themselves up for a lot of different reaction; a lot of it critical," Rogers tells "Extra." But they came forward because, "We wanted people to know the story our way and if we have to, we'll go hide," said Nancy. They hope that by going public, that will never have to happen.